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To envision a connected Caribbean through a dynamic maritime corridor, enabling the seamless flow of people, e-commerce, agricultural growth, and trade within the region and extending harmoniously to Africa.

About Us

Welcome to the Connect Caribé Stakeholder Consultation, a maritime event dedicated to fostering connectivity, trade, and economic growth throughout the Caribbean region. 

At Pleion Group Inc., we understand the critical role that efficient transportation and logistics play in economic development. 

The summit brings together key stakeholders to explore the solutions and the opportunities offered by Connect Caribé ferry service which is now poised to offer unparalleled connectivity between islands within a phased approached. From facilitating the seamless transport of passengers to creating a dynamic cargo transshipment hub, our service aims to become the lifeline that binds communities and fuels progress.

Join us for a series of engaging panel discussions, keynote presentations, and business facilitation opportunities. 


The Connect Caribe Stakeholder Consultation covers key solutions crucial to the region's prosperity, from leveraging e-commerce for SME growth to streamlining cross-border payment solutions and optimizing supply chains. 


Our distinguished lineup of speakers includes industry experts, government officials, and business leaders who will provide valuable perspectives and practical strategies for navigating the challenges and seizing the opportunities ahead. 


Whether you're a business owner, policy maker, or industry professional, this conference offers a unique platform to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the Caribbean's vibrant economic landscape.

We invite you to be part of this transformative event and join us in unlocking the full potential of Caribbean connectivity and trade. Welcome to the Connect Caribe Stakeholder Consultation – where we are "Navigating New Horizons: Bridging Travel, Trade, and E-Commerce Across the Caribbean."

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